John Ross

623 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4J 4B1

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UNIX Systems Administrator / LINUX Systems Administrator / Infrastructure Engineer / Automation Specialist / Architect



Senior IT Professional with:

-  Over 15 years of experience in IT

-  Extensive experience with a variety of UNIX and LINUX operating systems

-  Excellent knowledge of Internet technologies

-  Broad knowledge of networking tools and protocols

-  Experienced with both physical and electronic security methodologies


Employment History:

Provider of software as a service (SaaS) security products. Offers in-line web, IM and email filtering over a global network.         

Senior Service Platform Engineer                                                                          August 2009 – Present
Responsible for planning, building upgrades and new features into the Web and IM products, while ensuring that the infrastructure can be supported by the NOC

      Build and maintain MessageLabs global SaaS web filtering infrastructure to maintain 100% service availability

      Co-ordinate with hardware and software deployment teams to ensure smooth upgrades

      Represent the infrastructure team on projects to ensure new features can be effectively supported and maintained

      Led the effort to automate setup of new clusters, reducing implementation times for new environments by 80%

      Assist the NPS team in implementing upgrades to allow QA to properly test new services

Technologies Used: HP DL360 / RedHat Linux / F5 LTM / F5 GTM / VMWare / PXE / Squid /

            Shell Scripting / NetApp / Cisco Switches


Non-Production Support Engineer                                                            September 2007 – August 2009
Designed and built new development and QA environments in Toronto

      Implemented and maintained a network in Toronto to support the QA and development teams

      Assisted in the design of a new network to support virtualization and allow faster provisioning and better support with lower costs

      Support the development and QA departments in Toronto

      Liaise with Service Platform Engineers to design and implement new functional testing environments

Technologies Used: HP DL360 / RedHat Linux / Cisco CSS / VMWare / Shell Scripting / Cacti / NetApp

Cisco Switches



Pretzel Logic

E-Mail and groupware hosting provider

Owner/Operator                                                                                     September 2005 – September 2007

Started this business to focus on minimizing silently dropped emails while maintaining accurate SPAM and virus detection

      Designed and built a scalable e-mail and groupware hosting platform to  provide clients with maximum uptime and performance

      Set up and maintained a set of firewalls based on OpenBSD's PF to protect against unwanted and/or malicious traffic

      Implemented advanced SPAM and anti-virus solutions to help ensure end-users' security

      Constantly monitored the network and servers for security breaches using pro-active countermeasures and intrusion detection systems

      Monitor for performance problems to ensure that customers continue to receive excellent service

Technologies Used: FreeBSD / PF / Anti-virus / Anti-SPAM / Postfix / Cyrus IMAP / OpenGroupware /      Horde Groupware / Apache /  PostgreSQL


TD Canada Trust

A large international bank based in Canada

Contractor                                                                                                                    April 2002-June 2006

Built a large distributed batch processing system

      Led the batch development of two major projects that continues to save the bank several million dollars per quarter

      Helped architect and implement a massively distributed computing grid

      Helped design and implement procedures to ensure the bank remained SOX/COSO compliant

      Mentored new team members, enabling them to become valuable resources

      Designed and developed multiple monitoring applications to enable troubleshooting and accelerate resolution times

Technologies Used: BASH Shell Scripting / PERL / Sun Grid Engine / Solaris / Suse Linux / Apache


Netcom/AT&T Canada IES

A national ISP that offered access as well as hosting. Over 5 years I held three different positions, the last of which was a UNIX Systems Administrator

UNIX Systems Administrator                                                                                 June 1998 – April 2002

A member of a large team that was responsible for all production UNIX servers

      Developed and secured the server template for the FreeBSD servers to allow fast provisioning of new hardware

      Helped ensure servers and networks were secure and kept current

      Lead the sysadmin group's Y2K effort to ensure service levels would be maintained through the year 2000 turnover

      Trained the customer maintenance group on DNS procedures to facilitate the handoff from the Sysadmin group

Technologies Used: Solaris / FreeBSD / Apache / SendMail / Postfix / Sparc Servers / NetApp