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Welcome to Fenks.org

and the little playground for John Ross.

If you're looking for the U.K band called Fenks, they're not here. They tend to hang out at www.fenks.tk instead.

Yeah, this site isn't that interesting, but there were a few things I wanted to link (So whee-fun search engines would pick them up) in addition I wanted to play around with CSS, and DHTML. The sites not really that functional, but it looks cool - and isn't that what the Internet is about anyway?
The best content on this site by far is the photo gallery. It contains the photos of my adventures over the years.
Eventually, I hope to put more content in this space. In the mean time, you'll just have to be sadly disappointed.

What is a "Fenks"?
From Webster's Revised Un abridged Dictionary (1913):
Fenks \Fenks\ (f[e^][ng]ks), n.
The refuse whale blubber, used as a manure, and in the manufacture of Prussian blue.
Why is your domain named after manure?
Well, I originally wanted to use a gaelic word for my domain name. I wanted something unique and original. Eventually I gave up since all the gaelic words that had any meaning were unpronounceable, and impossible to spell. However during the search I came across a list of rarely used English words, and decided to use those since most of them had funny meanings.